Samantha’s Night Of The Stars was this week’s highlight as far as fabulous events go! This flamboyant Monday evening was hosted by Samantha’s Bridal and was graced by the who-is-who in Kenya’s wedding industry and was held to mark this year’s Kenya Wedding Industry Awards. The theme was Great Gatsby, which saw ladies gathered at the Trademark Hotel in their pearls, feathers, fur and everything glamourous in between. So, here was the catch for me; I saw the invite on Monday afternoon! The email had gone straight into my spam folder (I haaaate when this happens!) so you can imagine just how much I panicked when I saw the theme! Lol!

Here’s what I wore, plus a few unexpected things that came to my rescue for Samantha’s Night Of The Stars!

1. Impulse shopping and gifts!

I’ve gotten into the habit of budgeting and sticking within my financial plans for the month, but this old-ish impulse buy saved my ass and made sure I was red-carpet-ready! This golden dress was a thrift and as much as it was unplanned for, it came in super handy when it came to thinking about what to wear for Samantha’s Night Of The Stars, while sticking within the Great Gatsby theme. Thank goodness for previous Fashion High Tea events, which have made sure I have some decent stock of fascinators and for friends who know you well enough to buy you lace gloves too! 😀

Samantha's Night Of The Stars, Denim And Cateye

– With my date, Miss. Nyawi.

2. Thank God for no Monday traffic and African time!

Granted, if this weekend was happening on a Tuesday, or Friday, I would have probably been screwed over by traffic. The event was scheduled to begin at 6.30 p.m and due to work commitments, I was getting home at about 6 p.m. This would have left me 30 minutes to freshen up, get dressed and make my way to Trademark Hotel., were it not for African time. Lol! I aimed to get there at about 7.00 p.m, which was actually perfect timing to mingle and work the red carpet, before the main Samantha’s Night Of The Stars event 😉

Samantha's Night Of The Stars, Denim And Cateye

3. Biw Biw to the rescue!

Remember when I shared with you guys a video featuring how I manage a 6 minute no-foundation makeup routine for acne? In case you missed it, Biw Biw is a made-in-Kenya pigmented cream, which has 4-in-1 properties. It works as a primer, SPF, moisturizer and has nourishing properties that keep my skin radiant, glowing and youthful. I’ve incorporated it in my makeup routine and found myself using it as a substitute for foundation quite a lot. Given the little time I had to create a fab makeup look, I needed something that would reduce my makeup steps and Biw Biw always comes in handy when I’m doing my makeup in a rush! A 40 ml  tube goes for Kshs. 2,500 and they are currently having an offer where you can buy one tube and get another absolutely free! I shared all the details about the product in my video, including hacks on how to use it for a natural-looking makeup look that covers any scarring.

Samantha's Night Of The Stars, Denim And Cateye

I achieved this and my red carpet makeup look using Biw Biw 🙂

Samantha's Night Of The Stars, Denim And Cateye

Thank you all so much for stopping by and have a biw-tiful weekend! 😉


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