This is hands down my favourite way to cook shrimp, ever! Today’s recipe is super easy and is packing so much flavour, it’s unbelievable. Also, did you guys know that shrimp/prawns are an aphrodisiac? It’s only logical that this food of life made it to my Love Meals series 😉

Before you make up your mind about what you’ll be serving up for Valentine’s dinner though, you might also wanna check out this sweet potato/ngwacii mash recipe, which everyone on my Instagram has been raving about!


Garlic Shrimp Ingredients:

~ Rinsun Sunflower Oil

~ 3/4 kg king prawns (1/2 kg is about 6 pieces)

~ Ground garlic

~ Juice of a lemon

~ Salt

~ Black Pepper (optional)

Spicy Potato Wedges Ingredients:

~ Rinsun Sunflower Oil

 ~ 1/4 kg potatoes – the bigger the better – peeled and sliced into wedges

~ 3 cloves crushed garlic

~ Ground onion

~ Ground mixed spices

~ Parsley

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

Garlic Shrimp Directions: 

~ Marinate your shrimp in 1 tbsp of Rinsun Sunflower Oil, juice of a lemon, ground garlic, salt and black pepper (optional) for nothing more than 20 minutes. (Marinating prawns for longer than that will make them too soft to cook.)

~ In a non-stick pan, pour just enough Rinsun Sunflower Oil and on medium heat, fry the shrimp for about 2 minutes (or until they change colour from translucent to white/pink), turning and tossing to ensure they don’t burn. Remember, shrimp cooks really fast, you literally can’t take your eyes off them or you’ll be serving up a disaster for Valentine’s dinner. Lol!

~ If your pan gets too hot, you could add just a tad of dry wine and cook till the wine has evaporated. This is totally optional.

~ Transfer your shrimp to a serving bowl/plate, sprinkle some juice of a lemon over them and serve hot!

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

Spicy Potato Wedges Directions: 

~ Boil your potato wedges in crushed garlic, ground onion, mixed spices and salt, for about 3 minutes. (I find that the flavour from the spices really sips into the potatoes this way.)

~ Drain the water and in a non-stick pan, pour enough Rinsun Sunflower Oil to shallow fry your wedges, until they turn golden brown. Keep tossing and turning them so they cook evenly. If you like them crispy, you can let them fry a little longer.

~ Transfer your spicy wedges to a plate and blot the excess oil using a kitchen towel.

~ Sprinkle parsley over the wedges and munch away!

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

Serving Tip: 

Mangoes are in season and you honestly haven’t had the best of this fruit unless you’ve had a mango salsa/kachumbari! I made mine just as I would a regular kachumabari, the only addition was mango and cucumber! #TamuSana!

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

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I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you do try it out, tag me on Insta! 🙂

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