Like the name suggests, Carrot Pants are high-waisted trousers that fit loosely at the top and are tapered toward the bottom. Because this trend tends to add a little width where most ladies would rather look slimmer, pulling them off may seem like a bit of a brainer. The solution?? High heels! In fact, the higher, the better! The shape of carrot pants pants may make your legs look short and thick, so heels that allow you sky scrapper height are oh-so-necessary!

I teamed these olive bad boys with a printed tee, my adored coral blazer and because I got these pants at a point in my life when I had a few more inches around my waistline (2010, I think), a thick high waist belt was just perfect to hold everything in place. I love how it added extra polish and edge to the ensemble, while defining my waistline at the same time 🙂

When it came down to my feet, I capped the look with drool-worthy heels that matched the belt perfectly, creating a smart casual ensemble that looks just as chic on a relaxed Friday at the office as it does at Saturday brunch 🙂

IMG_0466 IMG_0488 IMG_0516 IMG_0501 IMG_0464 IMG_0456 IMG_0408 IMG_0481

Antony Trivet Photography
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Blazer and Pants (Both Old): Ken- +254 728 962124
Tee: Vosti Look
Heels: Backyard Shoes

Belt: Thrifted

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  1. I love everything.The pants,the shoes,the belt,the tee,the jacket and the hair too.This is an awesome,classy outfit and it suits you

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