Howdy loves! So Friday has FINALLY graced us with her heavenly presence! Yaay! 🙂  I don’t have too much planned but yo! If this gloomy weather keeps it up, I foresee a rather unproductive weekend! Lol! Speaking of unproductive, I’m almost certain I leaped for joy when King Geoffrey from Game of Thrones died! Oops! Spoiler alert! 😀 Who am I kidding, I’m probably the last one on this bus. Anyhuuu…



Today I’m featuring an all time favourite; Chino pants. I’ m particularly obsessed with this pair, no lie. Something about it exudes an air of quiet sophistication and I absolutely love how thoughtful every detail is- From the high waist, to that perfect above-the-ankle length and best of all, the pockets which, truth be told, keep me from fidgeting 😀

I snagged this animal print blouse fairly recently but I’ve probably worn it more times than I’ve worn a couple of my older pieces! I’m not too sure if that counts as versatility, or if it’s just pure favoritism. Haha! Whatever the case, I found the combination simply irresistible 🙂 With such a neutral colour story going on, I wanted to add a fun pop by finishing the look with a red tuxedo blazer which I also wore here.


DSC_0607 DSC_0613 DSC_0614 DSC_0615


Have a fun weekend guys and stay safe! 🙂 xx


Photography: Leon Muli


Red Tuxedo Blazer: Thrifted

Animal Print Blouse and Chino Pants:  Ken’s Collection, Uhuru Gardens

Nude Cap Toes: Lisa’s Fashion House, Uhuru Gardens

Choker: Unique Accessories Kenya

Bag: Bought from my sissy, Shiro

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