Few things excite me as much as an unexpectedly cool outfit combination.


The sporty-chic/athletic luxe trend has been all the rage of late and I couldn’t be happier! In fact, if I could go to work and generally go about my days in slouchy silk track shorts and a comfy pair of sneakers… Well, you know the rest 🙂 Since we’re not there yet though, I took advantage of a sunny weekend to give a casual spin to this otherwise dressy outfit.

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Gabriel’s House of Photography

Now, totally shifting gears, would you guys ever, in a million years, have guessed that I was pretty much the “Tom” in tomboy back when I was younger? ~Sigh~ Lol! My bully of a brother is always threatening to share pictures of me during this interesting phase, so in the event that he actually dares they surface, you have been warned 🙂 That being said, of course Sporty Spice was my fave Spice Girl. I mean, duh! I did name my post after her, you know 😛


Skater Dress: Thrift (Gikomba Market)

Sneakers: Here

Rings: Random shop in the CBD

Do have a great week!


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  1. Those rings♡ mine have never left my fingers for about a year now.
    And hey I love how comfy you are in your body! keep winning

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