The dominance of skinny pants has recently surrendered under the overwhelming power of a more anti-fit silhouette and I couldn’t be more excited!

Ngomo Photography 

It’s the flattering, fashionable, forgiving and functional nature of Palazzo Pants that I love so much, and I had heaps of fun pairing this pleated, olive pair with a few of my current favorites!

I’ve never quite been a head-wrap kinda girl, but lately I’ve been enjoying experimenting with different accessories to add more personality and pizzazz to my ensembles. I first debuted this Kahaari wrap as a neck scarf, but today, for its originally intended purpose, it not only gave a bold touch to my look, but also did a fab job literally keeping my bad hair day under wraps giving my tresses a much needed break from styling. Talk about a win-win!

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Bustier: Femme Kasha

Palazzo Pants: Random shop in Dubai

Heels: Old

Head Wrap: Kahaari

Neck Piece: Jane’s Beads