I’ve received such good vibes from yesterday’s Chicken Alfredo recipe and I have a feeling y’all are going to love today’s sweet potato mash situation even more!

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

I’m a huge fan of Ngwacii, especially for breakfast, but I’ve never in my life considered making a sweet potato mash! When I was working up a menu for my Valentine’s Day Love Meals, my initial plan was to make mukimo and a coconut fish curry, but one of my besties suggested a different type of mukimo. Lol! Thank goodness for her suggestion, because the combination of the sweet potatoes and spicy coconut curry is simply sensational!

Sweet potatoes are already quite sweet on their own, so I opted to add some savory ingredients to balance it all out. I also made the coconut fish curry a little spicy, just to have a bomb combination of flavours. This meal will definitely make a spectacular impression for Valentine’s, so feel free to thank me later 😉


Sweet Potato Mash Ingredients: 

~ 2 big sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed

~ 1 tbsp butter (optional)

~ Salt

~ Parsley

~ Ground onion

~ 125 ml sour cream

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

Coconut Fish Curry Ingredients: 

~ Rinsun Sunflower Oil

~ 1/2 kg fish fillet, cubed

~ Garlic, crushed

~ 1 onion, chopped in small pieces

~ 1 tomato – grated

~ Tomato paste

~ Fish masala

~ Curry Powder

~ Green bell pepper

~ Ground chili

~ Corn starch

~ Juice of a lemon

~ All purpose flour

~ 1 egg

~ Coconut milk

~ 1 bunch Coriander

Sweet Potato Mash Directions: 

~ Place your cubed sweet potatoes in a saucepan and add just enough water to cover them by about 1″. Add some salt and ground onion to the mix and allow them to simmer, uncovered. You’ll know they are ready when you can easily slide a fork through the sweet potatoes.

~ At this point, drain any excess water and mash the sweet  potatoes to your desired consistency.

~ Stir in the parsley, butter (optional) and sour cream. Season to taste with additional salt if necessary and garnish with coriander.

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

Coconut Fish Curry Directions:

~ Soak your fish cubes in some salt water, crushed garlic and juice of a lemon for 2 hours, to give the flavour a nice punch.

~ Coat the fish cubes in the egg, then in all purpose flour and pan fry with Rinsun Sunflower Oil until they turn golden brown. (This is done to give the fish a tough coating, so that it doesn’t break when cooking 😉 Set aside.

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

~ In a separate saucepan and on medium heat, pour 1 tbsp of Rinsun Sunflower Oil and fry the onions until they become translucent. Add the crushed garlic at this point and allow to cook for about 1 minute. Stir in the grated tomato, chopped green bell pepper and 1 tbsp of tomato paste and allow to simmer for about 2 minutes.

~ Add 1 cup of water, 1 tbsp of fish masala, 1 tbsp of curry powder, ground chili (optional) and allow to simmer for 3 minutes.  Stir in 1/2 cup coconut milk and simmer for 1 minute.

~ Dilute 1 tbsp of cornstarch in water and pour into the sauce to thicken it to your desired consistency.

~ Add the fish cubes and simmer for 2 minutes. Garnish with coriander and serve hot!

Simple Recipes For Valentine's Day

Patrick Gitau Photography.

Who’s going to give this a try? Tag me on Instagram if you do, I always love hearing from you guys!


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