A T-Shirt and jeans pairing is the go-to outfit for pretty much anyone, not just because it’s a comfy look, but the simplicity of a great pair of jeans and clean T makes it one of the most versatile looks around and allows you to go from a day in the town, to dinner with friends.

I love, love, LOVE the transformative effect of a well tailored blazer. In this particular ensemble, this white number did a fab job adding structure to the look, giving my otherwise ‘carefree’  pairing a more polished look.

Before I sign out, can I just say how obsessed I am with this colour combination?? Who on God’s green earth would have thought that neon pink and burgundy would pair together so beautifully? 🙂

IMG_3949 IMG_4088 IMG_4048 IMG_4107 IMG_3965 IMG_3980 IMG_3888 IMG_4018 IMG_3970

Antony Trivet Photography

Thank you all so much for stopping by! Have a productive week 🙂


Tee: Beckysville Trends

Blazer: Here

Distressed Jeans: Here

Heels: Backyard Shoes

Neck Piece: Moi Avenue

Sunglasses: Adams Market

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