So, I was watching Mad Men the other night and I was struck by how glamorous all the women look in bed! Well, if you ask me, they’re a bunch of dysfunctional lasses, but none of them would be caught dead in some of the scroungy things that make up sleepwear these days- From old tees that are branded political parties that I will not mention, to stretched out sweats. Yikes! This calls for some nighttime spring cleaning. I say out with the old, in with the sexy! Are you with me? I can bet you, your mate is 😛

To get you inspired, here’s a round-up of nightwear that’s sexy but comfortable enough for you to actually sleep in 🙂


In soft cotton, this classic set is a perfect gift idea, even for yourself! It features a fun and playful leo print and quite frankly, it gives me the urge to host a pyjama party and slink around, cocktail in hand, looking oh-so-glamorous! 🙂

IMG_0799 IMG_0826 IMG_0797 IMG_0808


THIS.SET.THOUGH!? I love that it evokes a calming atmosphere but oozes feminine allure the same time. The length of the nighty is perfect, I love that the fit is loose enough to allow for free circulation of blood but skims the body just so to allow you to flaunt thy curves 😉 Need I get started on how thoughtful the embroidery and lace detail is?!

I also recently discovered the this particular colour is a shade of pink called Puce 🙂

IMG_6473 IMG_6507 IMG_6502 IMG_6493 IMG_6474


Just like the nursery rhyme, this set is tres cute! From the nighty’s playful shade of pink, to the polka dot gown it comes with, this set nods to the 90s trend and I’m noding right back 🙂

IMG_0774 IMG_0785 IMG_0773 IMG_0790


I love the colour Peach for its sweet and sophisticated nature so it’s only natural that I gravitated to this nightgown. Nairobi has been experiencing cold nights lately and finding anything to battle the chill can seem fruitless, well, until you stumble upon this number! It’s super soft and extra cozy, perfect to provide extra warmth and comfort while you relax at home.

IMG_6455 IMG_send6416 IMG_6418 IMG_6395 IMG_6443

PicMonkey Collage

Antony Trivet Photography

All pieces are from Impressions. Which one(s) will you be snugging soon?

For all your quality-guaranteed nightwear, underwear and lingerie needs, kindly give them a call on +254 739 300824, or pay them a visit on the 2nd floor of Yaya Centre


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  1. Love love every piece.. I can’t decide which I love most! This is without a doubt my favorite of your posts this year .. Perfection… 🙂 definitely need to get me one of these hot numbers 😉

    1. Yaaas hunnie! You definitely do need to get your hands on one or two of them 😉
      Thanks for reading! xx

  2. My favourite Panama outfit here is the animal majic, love the print and design…..and brAvo to the the set up/concept of the last one..cozy peach….
    The photos though

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I think my fave was the “Apple a Day..” 😛

    1. That makes two of us! Animal print makes me weak in the knees! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by! xx

  3. I just saw this and absolutely loved it! The animal print is definitely the sexiest. And your shoot location is just perfect,,, where’s it if you don’t mind me asking ?

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