Whenever I take a trip down to the coast, one of the things I look forward to the most is the food – fresh ingredients, bold flavours and plenty of clean-eating options – and my trip to Turtle Bay Beach Club was no different.
The pool-side dinning area boasts a fresh and relaxing ambience, where, throughout our stay, we got to delight in the extensive selection of seafood, fresh salads, delicious meaty treats and interactive cooking stations where we enjoyed made-to-order pancakes, omelettes and pasta! After each meal, the chefs debuted a buffet of delectable desserts, taking us on a much welcome sweet journey, and fabulous cocktails came in handy to battle the heat 😉

Now that you have a rough idea of just how seriously I take my food, (Lol!) today’s post will be taking you on a virtual tour to Palate Paradise, which also premieres my Best of Turtle Bay series.

DISCLAIMER: Palate Paradise may cause serious cases of Vacation Envy and  Hunger Pangs! 😀

Honeymoon Treatment 

Is there anything more decadent than having breakfast brought straight to your bedside?


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There’s just something about being able to stay in your pyjamas, without even having to get up from under the covers, that transforms the simple pleasure of a morning meal into a rare sensory treat. Experiencing breakfast in bed at a fine hotel where the in-house chefs whip up a sumptuous treat, paired with just the right amount of caffeine and some champagne, only heightens the pleasure.

As the title suggests, this ultimate indulgence is offered to honeymooners, but I’m sure as hell glad I got to enjoy some royal treatment before my time! 😀

DSC_4850 DSC_4878 DSC_4938 DSC_4949 DSC_5081

Pizza Party! 

Those who have had the pleasure of visiting Watamu can agree that no other town/city in Kenya can boast as fantastic a pizza portfolio! Needless to say, if you take your pizza seriously, then you’re in for a thin, crunchy and cheese-filled treat!

DSC_5141 DSC_5153 DSC_5174

Nestled right in the heart of the hotel, this no-fuss, Italian style pizzeria made for some seriously laid-back slice-eating and in true Italian fashion, we couldn’t fight the urge to wash it all down with some fruity wine 😛

DSC_5279 DSC_5257 DSC_5271 DSC_5300 DSC_5305

Poolside Cocktails 

It takes more than air-conditioning or a dip in the pool to battle the heat at the coast…


…and there’s almost nothing more enjoyable in summer, than the supreme chill of a tall cocktail made with love, combined with sweet fruits and refreshing flavours!

DSC_5716 DSC_5745 DSC_5759 DSC_5842 DSC_5845 DSC_5850 DSC_5864 DSC_5901 DSC_5944 DSC_5892

As always, thank you all so much for stopping by and be sure to look out for the second part of this series soon 🙂


This post is in partnership with Turtle Bay, Kenya.

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