I watched “The Butterfly Effect” in high school and let’s just say, I was scarred for life! Why in the world do people watch horror movies anyway?? Lol!

But speaking of Butterfly Effect, do you guys ever get the feeling that even the tiniest of details have the power to change the course of your entire day? For instance, perhaps if I wore red lipstick instead of lipgloss, I would not have gotten into a heated argument? Or maybe, if I tied my trainer laces a little different, I would have slayed that 5km target during my morning jog? Is it just me?

When I chose the title for today’s post, I didn’t intend for it to get so deep, so I’m just going to completely shift gears and cruise right into today’s butterfly and stud situation 🙂


Sunshine Balogun Makeup

Gabriel’s House of Photography

Location: Radisson Blu

I generally love butterflies, so it’s no brainer that I gravitated towards this asymmetrical dress, but what’s even less surprising is that I had to carry on the Butterfly Effect to my choice of jewelry! To cement the look, I couldn’t fight the urge to deal the ensemble a little tough edge, with a studded pair of heels.

GABU9741 GABU9775 GABU9755 GABU9756 GABU9749 GABU9786 GABU9751 GABU9711 GABU9730 GABU9718 GABU9762 GABU9752 GABU9732

Sending weekend kisses your way!



Dress: Wambui Mukenyi – +254 700 055180

Jewelry Set: Zaveris Ltd. – +254 701 442434

Nails: Luxe Nails Parlour

Heels: Beverly Heels

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