The Secret Garden Woman, 

She boasts an intriguing fashion persona.

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Gabriel’s House of Photography

Outfit: Fiona Kay

Sheikh’s Collection Shoes

She is confident and loves to show authority in the way she dresses.

She’s alluring and in command, and the most vibrant of colour pairings are just what the doctor ordered.

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Fashion drama is her glass of champagne and she nods to striking pieces that are either highly structured, body hugging or bare some tasteful skin.

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She chooses to make a strong fashion statement with pieces that accentuate her sensuality and strikingly sophisticated persona

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Sheikh’s Collection Shoes

She lives for exquisite shapes and cuts that will make her stand out from the crowd.

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She loves to put together outfits that are a bit glamorous but polished.

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She often gravitates to pieces that are sensual and seductive; sophisticated but striking.


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The Secret Garden Woman is not the mouse in the corner! Through her dressing, she lives to make a striking entrance, convey a sense of status and create drama all round.

PicMonkey Collage FIONA KAY


(Embossed Peplum Top and Leggings, Peplum Vest, Off-Shoulder Dress, Crop Top and Matching Asymmetrical Skirt, One Arm Dress)

Located on the 1st Floor of Garden City Mall.

For any enquiries, contact the team on +254 715 282928


Belavie House, Karen 


The Shifteye Gallery


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