As much as I love the transition of fashion, it’s always so comforting and refreshing to know that there are pieces that don’t have an expiration date. Today’s retro-inspired number is definitely one of those!

Ngomo Photography 

I’ve always been drawn to vintage styles and silhouettes so it’s no surprise that I’m kickstarting the week with some tiered fab-ness! There’s something so fun and whimsical about the color pink, but the graceful balance of playful and sophisticated is what sealed the deal for me when I first spotted this dress. I wanted to balance its tenderness with some masculine elements and I just couldn’t resist going the unexpected route with a bomb and sturdy pair of burgandy ankle boots. I love that they did such a fab job taking this outfit story a few notches higher 🙂

Thank you all so much for stopping by and have yourselves a happy new week!



Dress: Thrift – Adams Market

Boots: The Panache Store 

Earrings: Jane’s Beads

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  1. I would never guess this is vintage- it looks modern to me! I like how you combined the pink with the purple- such bright colours suit you. I like pic 5 of you leaning against the wall, such a beautiful shot and pose. Your photographer does a great job although they cannot make a mistake taking pictures of you. 😉 😉 x x x x

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