Happy Thursday, everyone!

Just a quick hello and some weekend outfit inspo 🙂

Ngomo Photography

It’s been super hot in Nairobi lately, so more than ever, I’m living in pieces that welcome a much needed breeze to combat the heat.

I just love the playful dance between this casual pair of Bermuda shorts and the elegant off-shoulder shirt! Even though the two share the same color scheme, they complement each other so well for a perfect off-duty look, and to add some interest to the outfit story, I cemented the look with an oldie-but-goldie pair of lace-ups and a bold lip. Also, how cool is it that my lippie matches the fallen leaves? 😀

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!



Shorts (Old): Truworths – Sarit Center 

Wrap Shirt: Stars Joaillere

Heels (old): Here

Lipstick: Here

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  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful lady! Your hair is so pretty too. I like the top, you look glamorous and I gotta say your booty looks cute in those shorts too lol! Nice outfit. x x

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