Happy Thursday guys!

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should by the way, then you know that I attended The CBA Concours D’elegance on Sunday, a glamorous event that was graced with style, class and elegance, to say the least. It was actually my first time at the event (I know! Where have I been, yeah? Lol!) and I must say, it was quite impressive to see people adorn the latest fashion trends and don’t even get me started on the vintage cars and bikes! Wooooh! If TBT took the form of an event, The Concours D’elegance would most definitely be it.

Anyway, a quick look at what I wore…


Now, it’s rather obvious that I’m going through a Maasai neckpiece craze and this particular one has instantly become my favourite! I simply can’t get enough of its transformative effects, elevating a simple look to such sophisticated heights! I knew I’d be up and about, you know, taking long walks through history and all, so comfy flats seemed only ideal 🙂

IMG_6118copy IMG_6148 copy IMG_6165copy IMG_6161cop7y IMG_6176copy IMG_6156copy

Antony Trivet Photography

Also, am I the only one who gathers the courage to get a HUGE hair do, and then freaks out and refuses to let it down? Lol! I promise to grow a pair soon!

Thank you for stopping by! xx


White Vest: Here

House of Hadassah Skirt: Here

Black Flats: Jamia Mall

Maasai Neckpiece: Gift From My Amazing Sissy, Wangui! (She bought it from Samburu)

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