Hi everyone,

I’m in dire need of a “Woosah” moment right now, so I’m just going to go ahead and be a whiner, just for today.
I’m suffering from a serious case of the blues, with the worst flu and cough EVER! My cough decided to strike hard last night, so I barely even slept. Man down, literally!

Two, the tech team that handles my site made a shift of some sort and somewhere along the way, I lost the last ten articles that I worked so hard to write and even shared with you guys here. No, I hadn’t backed them up either 🙁 So, here I am, sniffles and all, sleep deprived, trying to gather myself and get into the necessary space to re-write and re-share all ten articles.

Where to start? :-/

img_6906 img_7002 img_6990 img_6916 img_6924-1 img_6992-c img_6860 img_6910 img_6936 img_6904-1

While red is not exactly the most calming of colors, it gives me a sense of empowerment, fiery boldness and a feeling of being in control; And that’s just what the doctor ordered!

I certainly hope you’re having a much better day than I am!

PS: I have received all your concerns about the links that didn’t go through as a result of the lost posts. Thank you all so much for understanding and bearing with me as I work round the clock to have the articles back up by end of day.



Dress: Steve’s Collection – Bishan Plaza, Westlands

Earrings, Ring and Bracelet: Jane’s Beads Kenya

Heels (Old):  Backyard Shoes

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