Ever since the likes of Marlene Dietrich showed the world that it doesn’t necessarily take testosterone to rock a tux, female fashion has engaged in a playful flirtation with menswear. You can all agree that menswear makes for an effortlessly chic look, which brings me to today’s agenda: Tuxedo Pants. I honestly can’t tell you when this trend first scored big, but tuxedo pants offer a simple way to update your everyday mix and even better, the trend translates seamlessly for both the office and the weekend, giving you plenty of ways to wear the look.

Today I opted for a chic, vibrant pairing, with a sheer vest tucked in and an orange blazer which served to add structure to the look and transform it from a relaxed to a more polished state. I found this pairing to be rather mood enhancing and the perfect look to take you from desk to dinner 🙂

IMG_0713 IMG_0710 IMG_0740 IMG_0755 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0737 IMG_0729

Antony Trivet Photography

TIP: When it comes to this trend, be sure to go with a tailored and cropped fit, which will fluidly allow you to transition from  day to night.

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Blazer and Sheer Vest: Thrifted

Tuxedo Pants: Vosti Look

Heels: Backyard Shoes

Earrings (Old): Accessorize- Junction Mall

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